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Business Arts Services

Are “right brain” and “left brain” working together dynamically in your company / organization?

Creative Way Business Arts™ service tools – coaching, facilitation and training -- are designed to easefully simplify the deep engagement and structure of Creative Energy, so your business can flourish.

  • ”Right Brain” style: highly motivated and imaginative (often entrepreneurs) can be challenged to create the structures necessary to focus their ideas and deliver successful businesses.
  • ”Left Brain” style: exceptional at structuring, implementing and operating their businesses (often corporations and executives), can be challenged to access and utilize the creativity necessary for growth in today’s new business landscape.
Are you a left brainer?
“Annie's presence simply ignites collaboration. Her inviting presentation and expert mix of content and experiential application evokes passion and purpose. I love her work!”
Kathlyn Hendricks,
Author: Conscious Loving and Lasting Love



  Want more powerful tools for business development?

Creative Way Business Arts™ services can help your business thrive.

  Be successful in business to be successful in todays business world  
"Being successful in business is the most fascinating kind of art."
Andy Warhol


Change and Transition

“The 21st century will be the century of change. More things will change in more places in the next 10 years than in the previous 100. Most. . .aren’t ready for this dizzying ride. . .”

Fareed Zakaria, International Editor, Newsweek Magazine

When we read these words several years ago, we did not know that we would sit here today, considering them an understatement. Worldwide change has indeed happened at a quantum rate and shows absolutely no sign of slowing down.

Are you ready for more? Is your business ready?

Change happens. Transition can be intentionally designed. You, your staff and your company CAN become more comfortable with change. You CAN learn to transform change into manageable, intentional transition.

Contact us today for more information on how you can put creative transition to work in your business, through consultation or a dynamic training event.

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The Creativity Matrix™ Business

Business as usual, just "ain't" anymore. It's a whole new world of business out there, and you need a whole new way to approach it – the 21st Century (Creativity Matrix™) Business!

Are you a left brainer?  



The Creative Gap™ Business
Appropriately bridging the “right brain – left brain” gap means creativity and structure work together – at the right times. The Creative Gap™ is a unique, essential tool, designed for the new world of business.

Learn how to use the Creative Gap™ to bring your company into ”Right Brain – Left Brain” balance.

Contact us for more information on how to utilize the Creative Gap™ to transform your company.


"Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations which we can perform without thinking of them."
Alfred North Whitehead



Creativity Matrix™ Marketing Mind/Body

Do you have a negative, even visceral reaction to the words "marketing" or "sales"?

You might be surprised how many people answer YES to that question – so you can stop feeling weird. smile

Those who excel at marketing / sales in the 21st century exude an ease and authenticity that is engaging, because they’ve got it throughout their entire body/mind -- at the cellular level. In Creativity Matrix Business™ marketing, YOU are the message.

Would it benefit your business if you and your team felt more comfortable with marketing and sales? Then this workshop is essential for you! Contact Us for more information about how you can become more comfortable in your marketing skin.


Mission and Vision: Drive the Direction of your Intentional Success

Mission = the Driver
Vision = the Destination
One without the other is an ineffective journey; together, they are a force of brilliance.

Do you know where you are coming from? Where you are headed? Need a more powerful vehicle and road map??

Mission and vision are core to any business. Yet they are often given a “kiss and a promise” (“someday we will really get to that. . .”); or worse, overlooked entirely. And then we wonder why businesses flounder or fail?

Creativity Matrix™ Mission and Vision bridges the “right brain” and “left brain” gap; creating the most powerful and dynamic mission and vision possible.

Creativity Matrix™ Strategic Planning goes from mission and vision to concrete, exciting results.

Contact us for more information about the power of developing your mission, vision and strategic plan with the unique and powerful Creativity Matrix™ approach.


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Creativity Matrix™ Coaching

Are you a left brainer?  

A unique program, specifically designed to support your deep engagement and structure of Creative Energy. Coaching supports individuals as well as teams to integrate and become skilled at bridging the “Right Brain / Left Brain” gap. Various coaching packages are available.

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Click here to receive more information.

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  Be successful in business to be successful in todays business world    
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